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Creating a realistic & wholistic lifestyle by bringing nature back into your kitchen!

To view our amazing range of fermented health-boosting products including Kombucha tea, vinegar & immune boost, Kefir yoghurt, cream cheese, whey and sourdough bread, lacto-fermented foods and Kvass Veggie Juice, please click here!


Rest & Digest Body Re-Set Package

Reboot with a Juice Cleanse - Revitalise your inner and outer being at our wonderful retreat center and face life with new vigour and enthusiasm! ...

Vital Juice Therapy

Fasting is the oldest therapeutic treatment known to man. Hippocrates, the father of medicine was a proponent of fasting as a means of achieving good health. ...


Health and well-being is a vital ingredient to living a happy, functional life. Rest & Digest Wellness Haven accommodates examples of how you can bring well-being into your life.

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