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Today I met my Life-Dream face to face


Twenty-one years ago I qualified as a Reflexologist. My memory of standing in the doorway, overlooking the lush garden of the Reflexology school, full of anticipation, is as clear today as that day. I dreamed up all imaginable scenarios for setting up my practice. From seaside relaxation to the mountain stillness; from retreat settings to […]

Get Earthed


I was searching for information on why our (male/female) hormonal systems are so imbalanced.  I came across a book called Earthing by Clinton Ober & Martin Zucker. The book was so inspiring. What I share with you is a hint of Earth’s potential. A glimpse into the energies and systems that are so part of […]

When is enough, enough?


Have you ever had a life experience where all of the dark moments of your life come together in one single life episode? You are faced with the darkness of the fears that you keep locked up and hidden. That one action/reaction that transpired in the distant time period of your life becomes the hidden, […]

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