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Deborah and Matthew have pooled their knowledge and resources together in creating a haven in the midst of suburban living. We believe that living in harmony with our environment creates a happy, healthy existence.  Both have extensive knowledge and practice in plant medicine. Matthew and Deborah coach their clients in creating long term lifestyle changes. They have supported their clients from general ailments to chronic conditions. Whether people are looking at complementary support in managing their illness, or committing to long term lifestyle changes, their work has been of benefit to many.

Twice the Inspiration

Deborah has been investigating and practicing a holistic approach to health and well-being for over 3 decades. She was diagnosed with ME in her late teens which encouraged her to seek alternative healing practices. This has taken her on a life journey of exploring natural health care. She has extensive knowledge in raw food preparation, healthy food preparation, fermentation, sprouting and micro-greens, permaculture gardening and living a sustainable, healthy life style on a budget. Deborah has practice and experience in medicinal plants and their benefits.  She facilitates day workshops, retreats and one on one consultations. Deborah Health-Coaches her clients in making lifestyle changes. The people who have benefited from her support are managing issues from inflammatory conditions, colon issues, sleep, pain and cancer, as well as emotional and spiritual support. Health care requires a holistic approach.

The Lifestyle Choice

Our choices have enabled us to follow an active life with all the benefits that wellness brings. These benefits include:

  • We are able to harmonise with nature as much as we can
  • We experience abundant energy that enables us to do the things we love
  • We get to share our love and passion with others
  • Our appetite and appreciation for wholesome foods is a daily acknowledgement
  • We sleep at night knowing we have done the best we can


We are both committed to sharing our information from a responsible place.

We believe that furthering our education and knowledge and keeping up-to-date with current information is essential to living a holistic lifestyle.

Matthew is a qualified Reiki healer and Life Style Coach who assists people in making correct dietary choices.

Deborah is a qualified Montessori teacher,  Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reflexologist and Colon Hydrotherapist and has had many hours of Esoteric healing practices and in the garden, qualified in Permaculture garden design. Her extensive knowledge as a Fermenteer and Raw Foodist has played an important role in meal preparations.


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