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Matthew and Deborah both share a love for educating people who are interested in living life in health and wellness. They both have had personal experiences of the dynamic effects of changing a lifestyle. They firmly believe that you are what you eat. You can change your mind and body connection, your state of health and your life when you change the food you eat and your attitude towards how you view your body.
Prior to meeting in 2013, both share an interesting past on how health and wellness impacted their lives. Matthew has been guiding people towards making healthier choices since his personal transformation in 2012. This came after losing 28kgs through dietary changes. From his teenage years, Matthew struggled with his weight. In reflection, he achieved his healthiest weight while in national service and when he used to enjoy mountain biking.  Back then, his dietary choices were very far removed from the way he views food today. White wine, deep fried foods and toxic snacks have been exchanged for whole foods, homegrown and home produced foods.

Deborah on the other hand had to be conscious of the impact that food had on her body from her early childhood years. Her experience with reactions to processed foods began from baby formulas and set up digestive responses that had her managing health related consequences throughout her life. Through years of practical implementation and studying various life style practices, Deborah has found a life style that affords her, health and vitality. This has been a dedicated 30 year journey in understanding the connection between the body and mind. Her spiritual practices began at the age of 14. Deborah has always believed that when we work alongside nature, learning, respecting and being humble enough to be the student, nature can teach us about ourselves, about the world we live in and how to live in harmony. Her journey with spiritual matters has evolved over the years. Meditation being the foundation of the internal process. The internal discipline that is learned and developed over years of meditation practice has supported her in working with psychoactive plants. Journeying into realms of unknown origins is a practice that requires deep focus, mindfulness and respect. With the intention set, the doors of creation open and allow one to experience all facets of oneself. Plants are our medicine, our food and create the beauty of planet earth.

Twice the Inspiration

Deborah’s love for the bounties from nature developed from spending much of her youth with her grandparents on their farm in Kamburg. Through her grandfather’s maintenance and care of the environment and his acknowledgement of what the environment could provide, Deborah took on the love for the land. In the kitchen, she was firmly by her grandmother’s side cooking, baking, jarring, dairy and vegetable gardens. These early years sealed her future in that today, these practices are carried out in the couple’s home.
Dietary practices have been part of Deborah’s life from the moment she recognised the consequences that food had on the body. Taking from the practices and teachings of Macrobiotic, Ayurvedic living, juicing, and raw foods, she has found that conscious eating is what best serves her body. Being able to turn the harvests from the garden is what sustains the family’s main form of dietary requirements.

The Lifestyle Choice

Our choices have enabled us to follow an active life with all the benefits that wellness brings. These benefits include:

  • We are able to harmonise with nature as much as we can
  • We experience abundant energy that enables us to do the things we love
  • We get to share our love and passion with others
  • Our appetite and appreciation for wholesome foods is a daily acknowledgement
  • We sleep at night knowing we have done the best we can


We are both committed to sharing our information from a responsible place.

We believe that furthering our education and knowledge and keeping up to date with current information is essential to living a holistic life style

Matthew is a qualified Reiki healer and Life Style Coach who assists people in making correct dietary choices.

Deborah is a qualified Montessori teacher, Reflexologist and Colon Hydrotherapist and has had many hours of Esoteric healing practices and in the garden, qualified in Permaculture garden design. Her extensive knowledge as a Fermenteer and Raw Foodist has played an important role in meal preparations.


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