Rest and Digest Wellness Haven is a guesthouse set in an urban setting in the heart of Gillitts. The property has been in the family for over forty years.

Why have we suggested that it is a wellness haven? We consider the health and well being of all life forms on the property – the wellness of all the plants, insects, birds and animals are considered and we extend these principals to the guests and our staff.

Would our environment suit you?

We offer small, 2 people to 4 people personalized  retreats. Whether you join in on a specified retreat or you create your own healing retreat, our space will suite the individual wanting a quiet, reflective space.

Whilst rest and retreating is foremost, our environment encourages participatory interactions that enable you to go home with the skills and tools to help further your well-being.  From the permaculture gardeners to Sprout It’s fermented foods and beverages, you will be able to gather information that will encourage manageable changes in your own environment.

What can you expect when you come to our Wellness Haven:

  • Our environment is eco-friendly. We encourage guests to use eco-friendly products that are provided
  • All meals are plant-based, in line with our philosophy
  • Each room has tea facilities with a selection of organic teas and herbs from our garden
  • There is a central lounge that has a library and board games, and for those cold evenings, a fire place
  • A therapy room
  • Permaculture vegetable gardens and chickens
  • Sprout It- fermented foods and beverages made from produce from the gardens
  • Filtered water
  • A eco pool that has friendly fish that are happy to indulge you in a foot massage
  • Reflexology and Colonic treatments with Deborah
  • External therapists are on hand, for example massage and Body Talk
  • Specific programs for detoxing, art therapy, yoga and Tai Chi – please see our retreat packages

Accommodation Prices

Shin-Shitsu Room

A queen bed with en-suite bathroom and doors leading onto the pond. Tea facilities.

R600.00 per person – single
R750.00 – sharing

Washitsu Room

3/4 Bed with a shared bathroom. Tea facilities.

R500.00 per person – single person

YingYang Room

2 single beds with equipped kitchenette.
Shared bathroom with shower and bath. This room can be used as a en-suite bathroom on request. Doors leading outside.

R550.00 per person – single
R750.00 – Sharing

Kindly pre-book your dietary package and your therapies – chat to us, we are happy to advise you!

Yin Yang Room

Yin-Yang Room

Shin Shitsu Room

Shin-Shitsu Room

Washitsu Room

Washitsu Room

Veranda Shin Shitsu Room

Shin-Shitsu Room Verandah
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