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Why Choose our Retreat?
This is an invitation for you to take time to rebalance, re-energise and realign with what makes you happy. We provide nourishment on every level so that you have the opportunity to let go of what you don’t want and create what you do want. Take just one week to kick-start your life by cleaning up your internal environment and break destructive habits, lose weight and give yourself the gift of health and well-being! The beauty of this experience is that you get to take home skills you have learnt on your retreat, which will create long-term benefits to your emotional and physical health.
In a facilitated, step-by-step daily programme, we have designed this 7-day retreat to assist participants in developing the courage necessary to take the steps towards a healthy internal and external life. We believe that the internal processes required to make deep and positive changes is what ensures a successful outcome. We keep our retreats small and intimate with no more than 5 participants to ensure that each person gets the full benefit from the experience.

Give yourself the time and the space to work out what you want for your life, This is the gift you will give yourself. Creating a safe, gentle space for people to soften into their healing journey is our focus. We provide that place, as well as showing people how to bring into their own environment these healthy practices so that they can become a way of life. Matthew and Deborah have created living examples throughout their environment to inspire guests towards experiencing their own healthy lifestyles. This is what sets Rest & Digest Wellness Haven apart!

Join us in an experience that will allow you to

Take your detox to a deeper awareness of your self
Bring positive, long-lasting changes into your life
Increase your own ability and capacity to live the life you want
Develop learning skills that will bring positive elements into your daily life
Remember how to relax and enjoy your life.

yoga pose

At the end of the retreat, you will have experienced

  • Weight loss, and learn how to keep it off
  • Improve your digestive problems
  • Improve your skin and circulation
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Learn how to manage joint, nerve or muscular pain
  • Break self-destructive habits, sugar addiction and emotional eating by re-setting your digestive fires.
  • Learn what your body needs to keep it energised and healthy
  • Practice looking after yourself and give yourself a chance to find out what you really want in your life.
  1. Your retreat includes the following
  2. Pre-Detox Plan prior to arrival
  3. Cleansing Programme
  4. Food and Beverage Meals
  5. Therapies – Why we chose these modalities
  6. Therapies to add to your programme
  7. Transitioning
  8. What to bring
  9. What is supplied
  10. Accommodation options
  11. Retreat Price
  1. Your Retreat includes the following:
  • A Pre-Retreat Health Assessment
  • Pre-Detox Plan
  • Daily yoga, breathing exercises and meditation
  • 3 Colonic Irrigation Therapies with Deborah
  • 1 Reflexology and Sound therapy with Deborah
  • Daily cleansing supplements, probiotics and a parasite cleanse
  • 2- day vegetable juice cleanse program and thereafter a daily breakfast juice
  • ‘Food is medicine’ meal program – support your body with nutrient-rich foods
  • Build your micro-flora with our range of fermented products
  • Manage your weight, boost your immune system, and remove toxicity
  • All meals and beverages which include: Dinners, lunches, cold pressed juices, vegetable broths, superfood smoothie porridges, fruit and nut bowls, Herbal detox teas and snacks
  • Time to Create – Create your Health Collage
  • Your Health is Your Wealth – learning healthy skills
  • A library full of entertaining and informative documentaries and books
  • Fun, New Friends, New Experiences and a New You

2. Pre-detox plan prior to arrival

Prior to the Body & Mind Retreat – you will be given a pre-cleanse program. You will begin a week before you join us. This prepares your body for the first 2 days of juicing and vegetable broths.

3. Cleansing Programme

The retreat aims to re-set your gut bacteria. You will benefit from this retreat if you have gluten-intolerance, stress, anxiety, depression, stiff aching joints, digestive issues, chronic tiredness, skin conditions, sugar cravings or wanting to lose weight. On your retreat you want to give your body a complete rest. This is the time to soak up the quietness and connect with the natural sounds and elements. Our environment is chemical-free; you will therefore not expose your body to external chemicals. Leave your perfumes and make-up behind, deepening your cleansing experience. There is no TV. We ask that cell phone usage is kept to a minimum. Therapies – take the time between therapies and quiet times to allow the body and mind to rest and heal. Whilst the emphasis is on the dietary aspect of the week, we balance your experience with tools that assist in managing daily stresses.

4. Food – Beverages and Meals

R&D Jan 2019 veg

We are in the winter months of the year, therefore we keep a balance of warm and cold foods. Our emphasis is on pure, plant-based nutrition where all the beverages and meals revolve around maximum nutrition through vegetables, sprouts, vegetable juices and soups, pulses and fermented foods and beverages. The higher the density of plant-nutrient intake, the more easily the body is able to repair, restore, rejuvenate, thus supporting your longevity and that inner sparkle. Our meals are all prepared on the property. We grow organic vegetables and fruit and support our local farmers. Sprout It is our company that has been micro-greening, sprouting, and fermenting foods and beverages for the past 9 years.

Morning Start-Up Set your body up for a great body-feel-happy day with cleansing supplements and probiotics.
Oral Hygiene – begin the day with tongue scraping and oil pulling followed by digestive supportive probiotic drinks and tonics: Lemon and ginger tea – EM Health Boost – Psyllium husk – Immune Boost – Parasite cleanse support. There are aspects of this daily start-up which will become part of your new lifestyle.
The juices are cold-pressed vegetable juice with spirulina powder. We will use fresh veggies harvested from our vegetable gardens.
Organic Green veggies – apple – ginger – celery – cucumber – with spirulina powder.
Cabbage Rejuvelac and Cabbage and Pear juices to ease the digestive system.
Smoothie Porridge 
Berries and Banana/Super-Foods included: Maca, Baobab, Ashwagandha, Cacao – topped with chopped fruit/ground nuts and seeds, chia seeds.
A fruit bowl topped with ground seed mix and chia seeds topped with nut cream.
Saturday night meal is a hearty vegetable soup in preparation for the week ahead.
Sunday and Monday are 2 days where the emphasis is on resting the digestive system from foods. We keep the body sugar levels in a state of equilibrium by giving vegetable juices and vegetable broths at evenly spaced intervals throughout the day.
Tuesday and Wednesday are gentle food days. This allows the continuation of the body’s healing process through rest and restore. We gently bring about the fullness to meals whilst supporting the digestive system.
Thursday and Friday are wholefood days. We explore the diversity of colours, textures and tastes in a carefully planned menu.
Saturday will have you leaving our space with a transitioning plan of action as you begin introducing different food groups into your lifestyle. We talk about this at the end of your stay, as each person will have different desires for the lifestyle that they would have designed for themselves on the retreat.
Herbal Teas and Snacks
There are detox teas to support your detox process.
Snacks are super-food enriched delights.

5. Therapies Included

3x Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions

Our modern, up-to-date machine allows you the dignity of a colon treatment in supporting your colon health. A colonic session tones, hydrates and rejuvenates the colon muscles which improves peristaltic action, reduces transit time of fecal matter, permits better water absorption and hydration of the colon and the body as a whole. A clean colon is able to absorb nutrition more effectively and prevent mineral and vitamin deficiencies.


Colonic hydrotherapy also assists with emotional problems. The transverse colon passes through the solar plexus which is the body’s emotional centre. Most of our unresolved or ‘undigested’ emotional issues are stored here and as a result create a tightening of the colon muscle. This slows the bowel movement and causes constipation. The colonic can help clear the physical obstruction and release the tension that caused the emotional repression in the first place.
A detoxification programme is the time when colonics are most beneficial, especially to those with a history of constipation. The colonics can remove any build-up or obstruction in the bowel to allow a much healthier transit in the future. Another major benefit is how the colonics enhance the detox process itself. During the detox week the toxins that are released from the cells travel through the lymph to the blood, through the liver and then to the bowel. They are then washed out of the body by the colonics to ensure that they are eliminated and not re-absorbed.

1x hour Reflexology and Sound therapy
Reflexology has gentle, non-intrusive ways of bringing the body to experience a peace and deep relaxation that is so needed for the body to begin its healing journey. The sounds remind us of our connection to the stillness that we yearn for.

foot reflexology

Kundalini Yoga 
Yoga is a core part of the program, and we cater for all levels of ability. If yoga is something you have never tried before, this is your opportunity to try out something new. Studies have proven yoga to be one of the best ways to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and relieve symptoms such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. The yoga sets are gentle and supportive, where the emphasis is on nurturing the self and digestive support. I believe that when we give our body consideration through kindness, we will gently achieve our goal of flexibility.

Meditation and Breath-work sessions           
The meditations are gentle and reflective, bringing peace and stillness to the mind.
The breath-work reminds us about the deeper value of correct breathing. Breathing correctly is the foundation of health and vitality. Each meditation focuses on releasing emotional baggage.

Dream Up Your Health Collage
Create a collage of images and affirmations of your ideal health.
You will complete a questionnaire that has been designed to assist you in formulating a comprehensive understanding of your health status. Through the use of meditation and visualization, you will journey to your inner world of your sacred heart. It will be in this soft place where you invite your sacred-self to journey with you. Here you give your heart the freedom of expression through the use of creative mediums to go on your quest. Each day you reveal the deeper layers allowing you to gently bring to the surface the expression of your desire.
2 hours x 3 days

Health Talk Your Health is Your WealthUp-Your-Health-Beat with your 7-day experience and implement these lifestyle ideas into your life. Take home skills and recipes
We will talk about: 

  • Your microbiome and digestive health is the foundation to your long-term health
  • Your Pantry – support your new health
  • An overview of cultured foods and beverages that have been handed down through generations
  • Sprouting
  • Juices
  • Soups and Smoothies
  • Salads – how to put the best rainbow salad together
  • Recipes
  • Make a loaf of sourdough-gluten-free bread – take home.
6. Therapies to add to your programme – Optional

Colonic Irrigation Therapy – R600
Massage therapy – R500 for one-hour
To assist in loosening tight muscles and relaxing you.

7. Transitioning

 A meal plan and recipes are given to assist you in your transitioning phase.

8. What to bring

Winter Months’ stay:

In cleansing processes, one’s body temperature naturally lowers, so it is advisable to keep comfortably warm. From 3.30pm to 11am, it is cold on our property, be prepared with warm clothing.
Loose, comfortable clothing for yoga and meditation
A warm jacket, Jerseys, long sleeved tops, a shawl, Socks, A gown and slippers, Out-door shoes.


9. What is supplied

Natural soap, Towels, Hair dryer, yoga mat and blankets.

Important information

We will send you a Registration Form at the time of booking your retreat, in which we will request you to complete a 7-Day Food Journal, information about health challenges (including physical limitations), including any medication that you may be taking and special dietary restrictions. Any information that you supply to us is treated in strict confidence and read on a need-to-know basis. One of the reasons for providing this information is for exercises, e.g. yoga, to be adjusted so that it is appropriate for you.
All retreats are alcohol and meat-free. We respectfully request that you do not bring alcohol to the retreat.

Payment options

A 25% deposit to book, with the option of paying the balance over 3 months to be paid by commencement of retreat.

Additional information


Full refund less 15% administration fee for cancellation 30 days or more before retreat date.
50% refund for cancellation 14 days before workshop.
No refund for cancellation less than 14 days before workshop.
Returning a completed Registration Form and a 50% deposit payment of your retreat fees will be deemed an acceptance of the course booking and cancellation policy.

For more information ask your questions directly to Deborah who will be happy to assist you.


Enquiries: Landline +27-31-764 0959 or Mobile +27 83 775 1735

Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

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