14th, 21st, 28th November & 4th December 2019
22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal
From R200 upwards (see below for details)

Upcoming Foodie Events

We are planning some fun foodie events leading up to the end of the year.

Please email Deborah to indicate if you would enjoy participating in these events. These will be held once-weekly on Thursday mornings, or Thursday evenings for working people. Kindly also notify your friends and family members who may like to join you: deborah@restanddigest.co.za


Create Your Healthy Lifestyle
A Weekly Flavourful – Soul-Food connection
The 3 hours are divided into 4 parts – Welcome and group introduction; exploring our connection to food; a talk and information on the topic of the morning; group interactive foodie preparation experience; communal eating and sharing and a lucky draw.
The cost options:
One-off workshop                        R260
2 workshops of the month           R240 per class (R480 p/m)
4 workshops of the month           R200 per class (R800 p/m)
A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 people per class
4 Thursday Class dates schedule
November 14th, 21th and 28th, 5th December.
8th December – Holiday Lunch Buffet
MORNING CLASS 9am to 12noon, OR
EVENING CLASS 5.30-8.30pm
R&D Jan 2019 demo kitchen8

Rest & Digest Wellness Haven
22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts, KZN
Contact Deborah
083 775 1735

On the Taste Buds Menu
Alternatives to gluten – sugar – dairy; the value of beans – legumes – how to prepare them, cook them and different cooking methods to make them more digestible, the versatility of grains; Fermented Beverages for the Summer Months – Fermented Foods – Sourdough breads – wraps – pizza bases – preserving fruits – creating an in-door kitchen garden – breakfasts – lunches – dinners – lunch box ideas – holiday treats – meals for large gatherings – bring and share ideas and the list will continue to expand.
On the Mental & Emotional Menu
Creating daily practices to support weight loss – increased energy and a zest for living –  explore your ideas about a healthy body and how to take care of the incredible body you have.
A weekly support to assist in maintaining your healthy life-style whilst introducing the weekly changes and additions.
On the Social Menu
Meet new people whilst learning, eating, sharing and creating a supportive network.

Date Thursday 14thth November

This week’s INTRODUCTION to the weekly workshops will be  R150

Arrival: Herbal infused teas and waters
Talk Subject:
An introduction to what you can expect from our weekly meetings. Food for thought – moving forward – implementing daily support structures.
Alternatives & variations to conventional ingredients.

Gluten-sugar-dairy – plant-based snacks/treats/main meals/communal meals/ single person cooking – no-cooking options.
Hands on preparation
Healthy treats – re-looking at our definition of ‘treats’
Make healthy treats for year-end functions, gifts and teachers’ gifts with some creative functional packaging ideas.
What to bring:
A lever arch file
What you receive:
Tasters and recipes

Book your space: deborah@restanddigest.co.za



Date: 21st November
Your Pantry
The Healthy Smoothie

Arrival: Herb infused teas and waters with a TWIST
Talk Subject:      Your pantry – Your fridge
This is the fundamental basis of your eating life style. We are going to un-pack and re-pack your fridge and pantry with a step-by-step plan of action with helpful ideas that will lead you towards your ultimate pantry and fridge.

Rest & Digest Wellness Haven kitchen

Hands on preparation
THE HEALTHY SMOOTHIE – there are 3 ways to prepare a smoothie – The Fun One, The Healthy One and The Seriously Healthy One. Know the difference. Know how to eat your smoothie.

What to bring
Your file
Photographs of your pantry and fridge
A list of your pantry’s and fridge’s ingredients
What you receive
A pantry list, a buyers list, smoothie recipes, tasters.

Book your space: deborah@restanddigest.co.za

Date: 28th November

4 healthy wraps and fillings

Arrival: Herb infused teas and fruit waters
Talk Subject: Daily practices for managing your health.
Enhancing your body’s ability to heal – a week’s menu that supports these concepts
Hands on preparation
Wraps have a place in our menu. They are healthy, filling and a great way to get everyone in the home involved. You will make 4 different wraps and make fillings.

What to bring
Your file
A favourite vegetable – example 4 carrots OR 2 green peppers OR 1 pineapple OR 2 sweet potatoes, OR herbs or lettuce leaves….
What you receive
Lunch and recipes + menu

Book your space: deborah@restanddigest.co.za

Date: 5th December
Holiday Season Dips and Sauces and Snack Biscuits

(Gluten, dairy and sugar-free)
Arrival: Herb infused teas and waters
Talk Subject: How to take care of your digestive health over the holiday season.
Hands on preparation
Everyone enjoys a snack. To be in balance, it is important to keep all aspects of our psyche happy. Let us do it the healthy way.

seed biscuits
What to bring
Your file
Your favourite fruit – example 4 bananas, 4 apples, 4 apricots, a handful of dates or nuts
What you receive
Lunch and recipes

Book your space: deborah@restanddigest.co.za

Holiday Lunch Buffet – 8th December 2019

Further details to follow.

Book your space: deborah@restanddigest.co.za



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