Get Earthed


I was searching for information on why our (male/female) hormonal systems are so imbalanced.  I came across a book called Earthing by Clinton Ober & Martin Zucker. The book was so inspiring. What I share with you is a hint of Earth’s potential. A glimpse into the energies and systems that are so part of our lives, yet either take for granted, or maybe not understood.

Earth – is a sextillion (6 followed by 21 zeros) metric ton battery that is continually been replenished by the solar radiation, lightening and heat from the deep molten core. Just like the battery in your car that keeps the motor running and wheels turning, so, too, do the rhythmic pulsations of natural energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of the earth – keeps the biological machinery of global life running in rhythm and balance for everything that lives on land and sea.

Your entire body has different electrical systems that operate within it – (the heart, the brain, nervous system, immune system, hormonal system…). All your movements, behaviours and actions are energized by these electrical currents. Your awake-sleep cycles, hormonal production and maintenance of health are regulated by these impulses. We are learning that the Earth’s electromagnetic field maintains the order and functioning of our bodily frequencies. Our modern day living has us less and less connected to earth. We live and work in concrete buildings with tar/ paved areas that barely have the earth exposed let alone a blade of grass visible. We wear shoes that insulate our feet against the natural vibrations of earth.  We use air conditioners that may keep back harmful particles, but the air continues to die and we keep breathing it in. The water preserved in our plastic water bottles dies from lack of fresh air, and we keep drinking dead water. All of this keeps us disconnected from our body and our earth.

Our immune systems are compromised and we are not stopping to ask ourselves – When did it all go wrong? Why did we buy into the concept that it’s okay to have nature come wrapped up in a carton or a packet or a bottle? Is it possible that the more compromised foods and beverages we consume, the more our health and our moods are being affected? The more distance we create between us and Nature the more we disconnect from all that is real? When last did you touch the soil, the bark of a tree, the leaf of a bush? When last did you show appreciation for the nature that is in your space? As much as we ask for acknowledgement, as a human being, so do our animals and our fauna and flora.

In the next 5 minutes, go outside and stand on the ground allowing your skin to come into contact with your earth. Let those natural charges reboot your energy levels. While you stand/sit or lie down, look up into the sky and breathe in.  While you do this, know that you are plugging yourself into the best electromagnetic energy re-balance possible. No fancy machinery is required to tell you where you are off balance. Your body is far more intelligent than that. When you plug into the best connector of all – Earth – you will give yourself the correct re-balance for your body. Contact with the earth will restore your body’s natural electronic state. The positive shift you will feel is the start of a process in which your body slowly becomes infused with the earth’s ever present healing energy. It’s that simple.

Enjoy the experience – Laugh and remember what it felt like as a child to roll in the grass.

  •         Walk barefoot as often as you can
  •         Lie on the dew soaked grass in the early morning with as much of your bare body touching earth
  •         Swim in the ocean, rivers and dams where fresh living water swirls and twirls around you
  •         Show immense appreciation for the vegetation that is around you – even if it is only that little plant on your desk – what you place your attention on expands.

By the Choices you make – the moment to moment actions – the moment to moment thoughts – either increases or decreases your life span.

“Most people want the most health benefits from the least amount of work – Earthing gives you the most benefits for the least work – There is NO work.

Get grounded – break the cycle of stress and illness”

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