In the Presence of this Moment


In the Presence of this Moment

October is one of my favourite months of the year. The essence of Spring has fully materialized. The garden is bounding with new growth. The birds’ songs fills the early morning air with such a vibrancy that it is not possible to keep one locked in the depths of slumberland. It is a profound experience to be an observer of nature’s morning ritual. There is a purposeful energy that vibrates in the air. With the flowers in full bloom, the bees humming fills the air with a louder than normal buzz, it truly is a bugs life.

What of our life? Do we experience the brilliance of the season’s changes; The renewal and regeneration that the season offers? Do we feel the purposefulness of what the day has in store?  Is this how we truly see our day, our life? Some may say, “It is just another day.” The weight of daily chores, of work and the continual aspects of life that show up, pushing the apparentness of what is. How can we be enthralled with life? A time-old question that has us taking many different paths to answer this question. All of these paths all have one thing in common. We have to do something. Be it prayer, meditation, gardening, spending time in nature, writing in a journal and even working at something we love, it is all about doing. When we do something, we set another story in motion that we judge, question and explain. This takes us back into our original place of, “It’s just another day”, “that is life” and all the justifications we decide to suit our quiet disappointment.

How do we keep that genuine aliveness that keeps us connected to the brilliance that this existence has to offer us? It makes me think of children. They truly are seeing life for the first time. Even after they have met life, they will still experience the many facets of these life experiences. They will deepen their knowledge, refine their responses and hopefully form their own ideas. This may take years as they go through their cycles that will also bring them to the point of adulthood.

It leaves us, the “adults”, with the ideas that have allowed us to form our own complex expectations about life, be it an extraordinary life or an ordinary to below par one. The question I ask myself is; Are we not asking too much of ourselves? Or possibly, set exceptionally high expectations of life? We search for new grounds to keep the excitement and mystery alive. Is it new grounds we search for? Or is it possibly the same search but disguised with another cover with the silent hope of a different outcome? Questioning and challenging our beliefs and ideas may push us into foreign territory. Keeping the same story running, albeit with a different disguise, is still regarded as safe. Is ‘safe’, just another way of continuing the same discomfort?

I am wondering, what would it take for us to behave differently towards our life? Would we wake in the morning and listen to the birds? Would we be inspired to catch the early morning activities of creatures and critters that perhaps would share a different approach to the day? Would we feel the presence of nature? Would we carry this presence that has filled our self to the very core of where silence sits, through the day? Would we be so present with our life that there was no place for expectations? Many, many questions I have asked, pondered on. Answers, that shine through the ethers of silence, stillness and being-ness. May we have patience to persevere through the discomfort of our conditioning.

I have found my daily ritual of spending time with nature, humbling. Whether I am participating or observing, she continues, unhindered by thoughts and ideas. The course of the natural world will continue from season to season. I have a choice to be amazed or take it for granted. I know my answer, do you?

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