Me First !!


BEING HEALTHY IS THE NORMAL STATE OF BEING. What if that was your thought pattern?

“Normal!” You say. “I cannot remember the last time I felt normal!” “I am suffering. How am I supposed to feel normal?” We share our stories on how we got far away from the idea of feeling good. We can give in-depth stories of how it all went wrong. We are passionate about our stories and how we share our stories. We will embellish our conditions. These are all my conditions and these are all the meds I am on. We will cry, agonise, blame, play the victim and do whatever it takes to keep our story running. Or better still, be the silent agonizer or the grump sitting in the corner. Whew, that takes a lot of energy. All that energy that could be channeled into, “I am feeling a little better today.” “Each day I make a little progress.” “I am drinking more water.” “I realized all that tea I was drinking was not helping me to cut back on my sugar intake. I have reduced my tea intake to 2 cups a day”

How can we expect our bodies to jump to attention every time we have a whim to “fix it”. We yo-yo between abusing our bodies with excessiveness or deprivation. These actions not only affect our body chemistry, but also the state of our mind. We lose confidence in our ability to perceive what is good for us. We hand our body over to another hoping they will fix it and make it all better. We try this new product hoping it will give us a reprieve. If those do not work, we will blame the person or the product for the ineffectiveness. To uplift ourselves the next action is to cover our bodies with new clothes and accessories. The truth is, that is as ineffective as the previous options.

What would it mean to change our conditioned story?

 It would take courage. It would take courage to accept that you are where you are in this moment because of your past actions. Once you accept this, you can then accept that the strength lies within you to choose differently. That will be an empowering moment for you. If you can put as much energy into getting yourself to this present point of your life journey, you know that you have the inner resources to get yourself to where you want to be – Healthy- Alive- Living. You take back your inner power, straighten up your shoulders and tell yourself you can do it. There is nothing that you cannot do to help you achieve your goals. Small changes every day will help you get there. When you catch yourself adding the sugar to your cup of tea, stop yourself. You are now aware that these actions do not serve your peace of mind for a happy body feeling. Take those 15 minutes of social media and instead research something positive that will take you towards your goal.

How would these changes affect you?

 You would exude positivity or at least experience hope. Being able to move towards a more hopeful feeling is in itself a lighter feeling. You would shake off that gloomy, heavy depressive aura that sticks to your mind and body like a tar and feel lighter, possibly even happier? You would sleep better. All those agonizing thoughts do nothing for a peaceful mind. We carry our agonizing to bed with us. In the silence of the night, those thoughts greet us yet again. “Why?” you ask. You have not found the solution or, better still, working towards a solution so the thoughts can rest. You would be gentle with yourself. Being gentle with yourself allows you to soften your approach. Your life lightens up, you drop the uselessness of guilt, recognizing that it has no value in your life. Each day’s successes gets taken forward to the following day. The attitude that you take on towards yourself shines into all the areas of your life. Hopeful, quietly and persistently, you move forward.

It is important to build your confidence as you relearn how your body functions. Recognising how the aches and pains are possibly related to diet, weather, stress and moods requires you to be present in your body. Have a journal on hand so that you can note these possible connections. This is your life journey that is to be undertaken in your body. Celebrate your life by acknowledging the importance of your wonderful body to assist you have the best hour, day, month, year, life ever. At Rest and Digest Wellness Haven, we can give you some supportive ideas and a good, healthy cleanse to get you on your feet.

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