Meeting a New day of a New Year


Meeting a New day of a New Year


The dawning of a new year brings in another set of expectations and anticipations. Or is that society beliefs that we take on? It sounds all very important, this goal setting. What feeling does the following statement evoke within you?

“ Here are New Year’s tips on how to look better and improve your health this year . Focus your New Year’s resolutions. Got a long list of ways …”

Why do we feel the necessity to begin the first day of a new year with a list of goals. How it is that one particular day between the old year and the new year determines a whole new set of goals? What happens if we completed the year and never achieved all our goals for that year? What would happen if that one goal was just days away from having been met but fell into the new year? Did we fail? Did we let ourselves down? Mostly it feels that we place enormous amount of expectations on ourselves.

I am not suggesting that having a goal or goal setting is not helpful and supportive in giving our lives focus and direction. I would like to consider what the feeling and motivation is behind the setting of the goal? Is setting your goal bringing you a feeling of joy and anticipation? That lovely squiggly, squishy feeling in your tummy that gets the creativity juices flowing, that puts a happy smile that shines from deep inside. Do you experience a sense of expansion as you explore the avenues that your goal will take you on? Do you see yourself allowing the changes to unfold in your life as your goal unfolds and grows? Do you shrink at the thought of your goal? These are important considerations. Do you truly want to change your career, lose the extra kilos, save for that special holiday, change your lifestyle or write a book of poetry? Not everyone can meet their goal from a joyful disposition. Change does evoke fear, the fear of the unknown. Perhaps we may consider spending more time exploring our goals and the place within ourselves that determines the expectations.

Consider a lifestyle change. You get to meet new people who are enthusiastic about health. You get to shop at new shops; eat at new restaurants; revamp your recipes and learn new ones; you learn about your body; you learn about how you react to foods and be creative in changing to different options; you learn new practices as in starting a small garden, learn the healing properties of herbs. Consider writing poetry. You will spend more time with yourself; solitude, quietness. You may find yourself spending more time in nature, observing, listening and feeling. You connect with an aspect of yourself that you have been longing for, whilst the busy-ness of life kept you occupied. Setting a goal is making a commitment to bringing something you consider valuable into your life. Your journey with your goal will be as narrow or as expansive as your decide.

How I would like to meet the first day this 2017 year.

This would be my idea of waking up on the very first day of 2017. What would your thoughts be?

I would like to greet the day with stillness in my being. To feel my heart, lift in quiet peace. To feel the silence of my breath, move through the peace, extending out and into the multiverse and beyond. My thought would be, “Welcome 2017. Today I greet this very first day of the following 364 days of 2017.” May I have the courage to accept what I cannot change and be the change where I can be. May I be of service where it is appropriate and know when to step aside. May I meet each day from a peaceful, heart place. At the end of the day, may I rest knowing I did my best. The feeling that I feel as I write this, feels warm and welcoming.

The days that lie before us are packed with potential and all possibilities. How we face each day is determined by our self. Our attitude, our expectations, our dreams and aspirations, each play a part in how the days unfold. How are we going to Be, in this year? Will we begin the year with a dozen more goals? Will we give ourselves an opportunity to feel into what the year may present to us?

Let us tread lightly through this year. May you treat your year with kindness, softness and peace and feel the effects thereof.

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