New Moon Gentle Yoga Retreat – 25th to 27th October 2019

new moon - reaching up

Rest & Digest Haven was created to provide a soothing ambiance for you to retreat from your everyday responsibilities. Connect with nature in the mini-paradise that is Rest & Digest Haven. The grounds are lovingly tended in the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable ways to make this a place of returning back to the natural rhythms of nature.

As a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher, let me guide you through a meaningful journey of restoration, re-connection and re-balancing.  This will leave you feeling more grounded, calm and centred, enabling you to move back into your life from your open heart-space.

During this New Moon Gentle Yoga Retreat, we will restore our inner sense of peace, with the fluidity of yoga, breath-work and mindfulness practices, as well as nourishing and cleansing our bodies with delicious yogi beverages and foods.

Arrival: Friday, 25th October from 3pm. Retreat begins at 6pm.
Finishes: Sunday, 27th October at 2.30pm.

What will you gain – A deeper connection with your self, a deeper connection with others, a sense of communal living, caring and support through sharing space, meal preparations and activities and listening to your body through the mind-quietness daily yoga practices.


THEME: Experience your healing through movement, food and stillness practices.

Clarity and a sense of connection to yourself and the world around you is the outcome of an intimate retreat such as this.




Keeping it Peaceful……. an emphasis of our weekend together is on digestive health. When our digestive fires – Agni – is strong, our mind and body has the capacity for tremendous energy. We reduce stimulants as in onion, garlic, chili and caffeine so that your nervous system has an opportunity to rest. We increase foods that are high in pranic energy – meaning that they have strong vital energy offering our body the opportunity to replenish. The Ayurvedic principals are incorporated in all of our meal preparation. We eat foods that clean the mind and body, so that we have optimal physical and mental health. All our meals are plant-based.

The options for gluten-free, dairy-free are incorporated. Let us know your dietary needs.

EXPERIENTIAL – Be part of the meal preparations that will inspire you to bring these simple yet bounding with goodness and wholeness meals into your life style.. Take-home recipes.

On offer:

Yogi cleansing teas, digestive teas and sleep-time teas

Breakfasts are hot cereals with seeds and stewed fruits

Main meals are prepared with in-season garden vegetables

Kundalini Yoga

This weekend we bring Gentleness & Kindness to the body through the mind-presence of yoga. Whether you have never done yoga, have not done yoga for some time, or are a practiced yogi, this retreat will support your practice of yoga. By bringing complete awareness to your mind-body connection will assist your return to your centre point.

Kundalini Yoga has the ability to strengthen the nervous system and increase body strength. This encourages you to have a greater ability in managing emotional stress. Kundalini Yoga uses sound, mantra, energy healing, exercises and meditations to release stress and trauma from the body. On our retreat together, we gently explore the limits of our body, unlocking our limitations with care.

A Cleansing Ceremony on Friday night followed by a Letting go Fire Ceremony on Saturday Night.

fire1Kundalini Yoga sets         

Yoga is a core part of the program, and we cater for all levels of ability. If yoga is something you have never tried before, this is your opportunity to try out something new. Studies have proven yoga to be one of the best ways to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and relieve symptoms such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. The yoga sets are gentle and supportive, where the emphasis is on nurturing the self and digestive support. I believe that when we give our body consideration through kindness, we will gently achieve our goal of flexibility.

R&D yoga room5Accommodation

Yoga Studio Accommodation:

Shared Accommodation

2 x double rooms with 2 single beds – with 2 separate bathrooms

R&D double room


Private yoga studio flatlet with queen bed and own bathroom


What to bring:

Winter Months and Spring Stay:
From 3.30pm to 11am, it is cold on our property, be prepared with warm clothing.
Loose, comfortable clothing for yoga and meditation.
A warm jacket, jerseys, long-sleeved tops, a shawl, socks, a gown and slippers, out-door shoes.

What is supplied:

Natural soap, towels, hair dryer, yoga mat and blankets.

To become connected to the outer universe, one must gain control of the inner


Total Cost including Accommodation:

Shared and Single Rooms: R2100

Private yoga studio flatlet: R2500 single or R2100 shared

Total Cost – Non-Residential:


Non-residential – what to bring:

For rest-time feel free to bring your reading material, outdoor blanket and pillow.


To book, please pay 50% deposit by Friday, 18th October 2019 and the balance on arrival. Space is limited to 6 people to keep this retreat intimate.



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