Our Philosophy

Wellness is a continual, daily practice. It’s not something you are, it’s something you do. When we say, ‘do’, this implies that your actions affect who you are – be it what you put into your body, your thoughts and attitude towards life. Every choice you make, has a direct impact on you, those around you and your environment.

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Our Vision: To facilitate wellness and healing of mind, body, heart and spirit through an environment that upholds the teachings of the natural world.

Our Mission: To provide a responsible platform enabling the individual to make supportive choices unique to their well-being.

Our Values: To live and work in balance with one another, the environment and extend these practices into the larger world.

Living on the up-side of health

Matthew and Deborah believe that good health requires us to be proactive participants. We need to give our well-being as much thought as we do in all the other areas of our lives. As consumers, we cannot be passive anymore. We need to take responsibility for our own health, the health of our families, our society, and the world at large. Our choices impact all life.


We are committed to living in harmony with all of life

Wellness comes naturally to us when we understand that we are uniquely individual with our own set of blueprints. We learn our strengths and weaknesses. We learn to adjust through the different stages of our lives. Wellness requires a multifaceted approach because we are ever-changing and dynamic individuals. 

We have emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects to us that all need to harmonize with one another. If we place too much emphasis on one aspect of ourselves and not enough in other aspects, we create imbalance. If our body is not well, it is because it either has too much (creating toxicity) or not enough (nutrients).

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