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13th to 23rd September 2019

22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts, KwaZulu-Natal
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Rest & Digest Wellness Haven are exited to be part of a 10-day collaborative programme called ‘Rise and Shine – A Mind, Body and Soul Spring Clean’, with Michelle McClunan and John Homewood.

If you would seriously like to Spring Clean your Mind, Spirit, Body AND Soul, you might consider participating in all the events.

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  • Deborah Prosser and her team at Rest & Digest Wellness Haven will be offering a 5 or 10-DAY RE-SET DETOX PROGRAMME.
  •  John Homewood will be running a powerful workshop called AWAKENING THE FLOW on the first weekend.
  • Michelle McClunan will be ending the programme off with a 2-day SPRING CLEAN YOUR SOUL Workshop the following weekend.

You can participate in specific modules or do the full RISE AND SHINE programme if you seriously want to shift.  Info on all the modules below.


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For enquiries and bookings on John Homewood’s workshop, contact: cathy@johnhomewood.net  Website: https://johnhomewood.net/workshops/awakening-to-flow-workshops-retreats/?fbclid=IwAR2QQx_twNlNb5DA678KMUQf5FaYthIJ0LxMRqcfCnng1faG2dUxHINMoVc

Limited accommodation: Book your bed
2 x Shared Rooms (single beds)
R550 per person sharing including plant-based breakfast & supper
This is a separate cost 

Book accommodation through: deborah@restanddigest.co.za

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For enquiries and bookings on Deborah Prosser’s 5 or 10-day detox re-set programme, contact: deborah@restanddigest.co.za  See full details below.

Rise & Shine 13-23 Sept 2019 (7)

For enquiries and bookings on Michelle McClunan’s Art & Soul Weekend Workshop – Springclean your Soul, contact: michelle@soular-power.com  Website: https://www.soular-power.com/spring-clean-your-soul/

Limited accommodation: Book your bed
2 x Shared Rooms (single beds)
R550 per person sharing including plant-based breakfast & supper
This is a separate cost 

Book accommodation through: deborah@restanddigest.co.za



The meals are designed to support the micro-flora of the body therefore improving digestive health. The set times and daily schedule assist in re-setting the digestive fires and helping to get the body back into their natural rhythms. The nutrient dense meals provide the necessary trace minerals, minerals and vitamins for cellular health.

Morning Supplements – Cleaning up the digestive tract: start the process of clearing out parasites, build up the microflora of the gut, and boost the immune system with health tonics – start the process of rehydrating.

EM Health Boost (Probiotic), Herbal Fibre Blend, Immune Boost Tonic, Parasite Cleanse, Lemon and Ginger beverage.

Vegetable Juices: The greens are from our gardens – organic. The juices are cold-pressed.

Broths: Veggie broths are home-made.

Lunch and Dinner: This detox suggests that grains and legumes are introduced on day 6 and 7. This gently prepares the body for the transitioning period. All meals are free of: dairy/ sugar/ wheat/ animal products. The meals are freshly made and include a probiotic beverage and fermented side condiment.

Detox: The herbal detox teas support the body in the natural elimination process.


Juices x 14

Broths x 4

Breakfast x 8

Lunch x 8

Dinner x 8

Herbal Detox Tea x 21

Morning Supplements x 10                                                        



Guesthouse accommodation:


1 x Queen room – en-suite bathroom

R 580.00 p/p per night x 10 nights = R5800.00

Own entrance

Plus meals/ detox supplements R 3150.00

TOTAL for meals and accommodation – (excluding optional therapies) R8950.00


1 x Queen room – separate/shared bathroom

R 520.00 p/p per night x 10 nights = R5200.00

Own entrance

Plus meals/ detox supplements R 3150.00

TOTAL for meals and accommodation – (excluding optional therapies) R8350.00


Single Room – separate/shared bathroom

R450.00 p/p per night x 10 nights = R4500.00

Plus meals/ detox supplements R 3150.00

TOTAL for meals and accommodation – (excluding optional therapies) R 7650.00


Therapies to include:

Morning Yoga                                   R100 per session

Colon Hydrotherapy                        R600 per session

Reflexology                                       R300 per hour

Massage Therapy                             R500 per hour

TRE per hour                                    R450 per hour

TRE  6 sessions                                R2500

Nutrition Consultation                    R500

Quantum Nutritional assessment  R500


Details on Therapies:

Colonic Hydrotherapy sessions           

Our modern, up-to-date machine allows you the dignity of a colon treatment in supporting your colon health. A colonic session tones, hydrates and rejuvenates the colon muscles which improves peristaltic action, reduces transit time of fecal matter, permits better water absorption and hydration of the colon and the body as a whole. A clean colon is able to absorb nutritients more effectively and prevent mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Colonic hydrotherapy also assists with emotional problems. The transverse colon passes through the solar plexus which is the body’s emotional centre. Most of our unresolved or ‘undigested’ emotional issues are stored here and as a result create a tightening of the colon muscle. This slows the bowel movement and causes constipation. The colonic can help clear the physical obstruction and release the tension that caused the emotional repression in the first place.

A detoxification programme is the time when colonics are most beneficial, especially to those with a history of constipation. The colonics can remove any build-up or obstruction in the bowel to allow a much healthier transit in the future. Another major benefit is how the colonics enhance the detox process itself. During the detox phase the toxins that are released from the cells travel through the lymph to the blood, through the liver and then to the bowel. They are then washed out of the body by the colonics to ensure that they are eliminated and not re-absorbed.

6x one-hour TRE sessions

TRE – Tension/Trauma Release exercises provides you with the opportunity to detox emotionally as well as physically. Letting go of past trauma is vital for a healthy and happy life. This modality is a wonderful tool in assisting you to manage your daily life stresses.

Quantum Nutritional assessment        

The Quantum magnetic analyzer is a machine which reads your energy field to test your health status and suggest recommendations. The signals of electromagnetic waves emitted by human bodies represent the specific condition of a human body and therefore, different signals of electromagnetic waves will be emitted by the conditions of good health, sub-health, deficiency, etc. The magnetic frequency and energy of a human body are collected by holding the sensor, the data is compared with the reference quantum resonant spectrum of matter and recognizes deviations from the desired response to judge whether the sample waveforms are irregular from the standard data.

Nichole is a qualified Quantum therapist who is able to read the report and provide you with feedback.


Reflexology has gentle, non-intrusive ways of bringing the body to experience a peace and deep relaxation that is so needed for the body to begin its healing journey. The sounds remind us of our connection to the stillness that we yearn for.

Kundalini Yoga sets         

Yoga is a core part of the program, and we cater for all levels of ability. If yoga is something you have never tried before, this is your opportunity to try out something new. Studies have proven yoga to be one of the best ways to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and relieve symptoms such as insomnia, depression and anxiety. The yoga sets are gentle and supportive, where the emphasis is on nurturing the self and digestive support. I believe that when we give our body consideration through kindness, we will gently achieve our goal of flexibility.

Nutritional Consultation

For those that would like to take the information from the Quantum reading further on your health-building journey, sign up with Hazel who is qualified as a Nutritional Consultant, Dip. D.N. ITEC (U.K.) & SACOCT (S.A.). Follow-up your 10-Day Cleanse with an ongoing nutritional support programme during your transition into your new healthy lifestyle and to assist in letting go of old unhealthy habits. Hazel offers 1-month, 3-month, or 6-month nutritional support programmes. In any of these, after the initial one-hour consultation, there would be weekly follow-up calls and a monthly re-evaluation of improvement in problem areas of your health. All information shared is kept confidential.


Further Information

Prior to arrival:

We will send you a form for you to fill out that will provide us with the necessary information for us to support you in your reset plan.

A pre-detox plan to be supplied

A transitioning plan to be supplied


What to bring:

Winter Months’ stay:
In cleansing processes, one’s body temperature naturally lowers, so it is advisable to keep comfortably warm. From 3.30pm to 11am, it is cold on our property, so be prepared with warm clothing.
Loose, comfortable clothing for yoga and meditation.
A warm jacket, jerseys, long-sleeved tops, a shawl, socks, gown and slippers, out-door shoes.

What is supplied:

Natural soap, towels, hair dryer, yoga mat and blankets.

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