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Sprout It was motivated by Deborah in January 2010. The inspiration behind Sprout It was to share and have experiential experiences in the benefits of creating, preparing,long term storing and eating whole, living foods. These foods offer you a kaleidescope of colour, nutrients, textures and flavours. You are tapping in and unleashing the existing creativity that that lies within the natural world. 

It is time to begin a new journey with True Foods and Beverages.

Deborah has shared this information through newsletters, articles, talks, workshops and detox retreats.

Shopping for Sprout It products:

We have selected outlets that hold stock of Sprout It’s products. Alternatively, you can purchase directly from us. Email sproutit@telkomsa.net for the latest price list.

We stock:

  • Assorted sprouts
  • Sourdough 24hour fermented wraps, pizza base, paninis and 36hour fermented sourdough bread all with stoneground flour.
  • Vegetable broths, lentil loaf….
  • Kombucha Tea’s – Natural, Ginger, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Chai
  • Kefir Water- Natural, Ginger, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Chai
  • Kefir Dairy, Kefir Cream cheese, Kefir whey
  • Beet Kvass
  • Fermented foods – Sauerkraut, Salvadorian, chillis, pickled relishes, Honey and turmeric mustard, lemon immune boost and a host of other supportive foods.

Why you love your sprouts:

  1. SAVING TIME – Sprouts save food preparation time since they require no cleaning, peeling or chopping, and can be cooked (if desired) in a mere fraction of the time required for most foods.
  2. SAVING MONEY – Sprouts are inexpensive
  3. They are always FRESH
  4. They have the potential to solve hunger and malnutrition because they are so full of VITAL NUTRIENTS
  5. You can have fresh sprouts 365 days of the year and they are not reliant on the weather and are not seasonal.
  6. LOOKING AFTER YOUR HEALTH – They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, all necessary for the body to function properly. Sprouts deliver these nutrients to the body in a form that is easily digestible and assimilated. This helps the body in maintaining an efficient digestive system.
  7. Growing sprouts is perfect for people who live in spaces that don’t have the luxury of a garden e.g. flats. They bring a natural, colourful energy into your kitchen that reminds one about the joy and benefits of eating whole foods.
  8. The nutritional content of sprouts is many times greater than the original food value of the seeds and beans from which they sprout.
  9. Pound for pound, a salad made from a variety of sprouts, compared with the traditional lettuce salad, would cost less than half as much, yet provide five times as much protein, six times as much Vitamin C and seven times as much of the B-Complex Vitamins.
  10. Whole dried peas have no Vitamin C, yet when sprouted for 48 hours, provide more Vitamin C (ounce per ounce) than fresh oranges.
  11. Sprouts are actually freshly germinated edible seeds such as beans, grains and nuts.
  12. As a ‘living’ food, sprouts continue to grow vitamins after being harvested.
  13. Sprouts contain an abundance of highly active anti-oxidants that prevent DNA destruction and protect us from the ongoing effects of aging.

Fermented Foods and Beverages

Fermented foods and beverages are one of the oldest culinary traditions. They bring in a wealth of history, health benefits and immune boost options into the diet. Your digestive system is home to billions of strains of micro-flora. These flora help to break down the food you eat into a form that can be absorbed by your body. If your bacteria is out of balance; stress, antibiotics, chlorinated tap water, processed, chemical foods, food allergies, you will notice that your body is not absorbing the nutrients, vitamins, minerals you need from your food. Compromised gut health which is responsible for maintaining a healthy immune system plays a role in many dis-ease’s.

A Happy Tummy = A Healthy Mind & Body

Introducing fermented foods & drinks into your diet

They  offer a variety of living probiotics, digestive enzymes, minerals, vitamins – especially the B’s, including vitamin B12. When you introduce fermented foods and beverages into your diet, it requires you to begin with small quantities (1 tablespoon for foods and 125ml for drinks). Drink fresh, filtered, spring water to flush out the toxins.

Product information

  • Kombucha Tea is made with a Scoby Culture (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts), organic tea and sugar. During fermentation, the Scoby breaks down the sugar and transforms it into acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and carbon dioxide (which accounts for the fizzy texture Kombucha is known for). Kombucha contains 1 to 2 grams of sugar or less per cup. It is helpful with supporting the stomach, relieving bloated stomach, flatulence, supporting gentle detox and increasing the good micro-flora in the gut.
  • Kombucha Vinegar – Kombucha’s health-promoting properties have been experienced in supporting the stomach organs and the regulation of intestinal flora – regulating the intestinal activities, cellular strengthening, antibiotic effect and facilitating pH balance and used as a natural body detoxifier.  Kombucha Raw Vinegar has vitamins B’s, amino acids, yeasts (good), bacteria, antibiotic substances, acetic and lactic acids, gluconic and glucuronic acids
  • Kefir Water is made with a Scoby, sugar and organic fruit. The same process occurs as with Kombucha Tea. Sugar is the Scoby’s food. Just as we use food for fuel and energy so do the cultures require food to make the fermented juices. The added sweetness is from the organic fruits. Children enjoy this beverage.
  • Kefir Yogurt is made with organic, unpasteurized milk, goats milk, coconut milk and water. The Kefir culture breaks down the dairy sugars (lactose). The dairy sugars are its food. This makes it possible for lactose intolerant people to be able to use this yogurt as a digestive support. Kefir is the powerhouse in supporting digestive health, as the bacteria repropagates the large intestine. This creates the balance in the gut which is vital for the basics of all health.
  • Kefir Cream Cheese is delicious with added spices and herbs. Spread on the Kefir Sourdough bread, topped with Sauerkraut and sprouts makes for a delicious small meal AND loaded with supportive health benefits.
  • Kefir Whey is a therapeutic form of absorbable protein. Very supportive when consumed after an illness, the elderly and increasing protein levels when recovering from an injury.

Lacto-Fermented Foods
‘Lacto’, stands for the lactic-microbial organisms that spontaneously emerge from the food. There are many (scientists suggest thousands) of different strains of bacteria present in fermented foods as well as in your stomach. Vegetable fermentation happens through an anaerobic system in which the naturally occurring lactobacilli of the food create lactic acid. This acid then preserves the food because what is known as “bad bacteria” cannot exist in an acidic environment. Many people live with a chronic low-grade inflammation throughout their body which leads to problematic health conditions. Fermented foods are a strong weapon to fight against inflammation, due to their ability to help rebuild the immune system.

Fermented Veggie Juice – Beet Kvass
Beet Kvass is used in natural therapies as a General Tonic. It supports the health of the blood, gives support to the liver, therefore promoting healthy digestion and regularity. Beet Kvass naturally produces digestive enzymes which when consumed prior to a meal, will support in the breakdown of the food ingested. When you begin with adding fermented foods into your diet, it is often better to begin with the drinks, as the body is able to absorb them without strong side-effects.

Fermented Radish + Beets + Turnip Juice
Digestive support for the liver, blood and gall bladder.

Sourdough Bread using Kefir Yogurt
The fermentation process breaks down the gluten making it possible for people with less severe gluten intolerance to enjoy stone ground fermented bread.

Eat Living Foods – Eat Healing Foods
It is always better to eat something in its whole form when possible, because each part makes the other more digestible. Your Food is your Medicine + you get to eat and drink foods in ways that gets you back to bringing in the 5 tastes that are necessary in effectively supporting the body in maintaining its natural equilibrium.

Kombucha Tea


Kefir bread, cream cheese, bread and whey


Honey mustard, chillies & condiments


Sauerkraut, kimchi, beet


Kefir water


Beet Kvass

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