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Rest & Digest Wellness Haven Therapies

At Rest & Digest Wellness Haven, we believe that to assist the body in its healing process, the body must be in a calm, balanced and peaceful state. The therapies we offer are done under the care of trained therapists whose care and dedication to their profession is undertaken with care and love for what they do.

We offer the following therapies 

  • Detoxing – information & programmes
  • Colonic Hydro Irrigation Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Therapeutic Massage

Additional Supportive Health Practices include:
Coconut oil pulling therapy, lymphatic brushing, rebounding, creative drawing and art activities, creative writing and journal introspection, gardening, playing musical instruments and relaxation time. Please give us a heads up should you be interested in one or more of these therapies, and we will source the best therapist for you.

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