Today I met my Life-Dream face to face


Twenty-one years ago I qualified as a Reflexologist. My memory of standing in the doorway, overlooking the lush garden of the Reflexology school, full of anticipation, is as clear today as that day. I dreamed up all imaginable scenarios for setting up my practice. From seaside relaxation to the mountain stillness; from retreat settings to a therapy room with other practioners; life was filled with a storehouse of possibilities. I could learn and grow and expand any which way I wanted to. How abundant life’s possibilities looked.

Twenty one years ago, the understandings of alternative, supportive care therapies are not as they are today. In these times, more people are awakening to the value of supportive healthcare. I quickly learnt that I was not going to be able to support myself on the income I would be generating from a start-up practice. My dilemma then became of how to keep aligned to my dream without having to go into a corporate environment to support it. When I look back over these years, this has been a constant theme. To keep myself as closely connected to the core of my dream so that the glamour of life does not interfere. It is so easy to drop our dreams when the realization of the challenges one meets along the way, step in front of us. The security of working in a corporate environment with the perks that affords all of life’s necessities that society deems important, is very appealing.

I did put my dream on ‘apparent’ hold. I started a candle manufacturing company from my kitchen. Candles were a commodity that people knew about. I designed an exclusive, hand painted candle that depicted the wild life of South Africa that soon had us on the world map. From the kitchen to a factory, Skins Candles employed 23 staff. I created another dream where I learnt about business management, staff management and how to run a successful business. Whilst it appears that I deviated from my original path, these business skills have been the foundation of my business endeavors.

My original dream has been the ember that keeps that tiny flame alive deep within my heart. Dreaming allowed me to explore other aspects of life without having to physically go to those places. Would that expression of that dream bring me to the place inside of me that I desired? What I came to understand is that as long as I kept my heart connected to my dream, I would be guided to where I needed to be. If I faltered, I would soon find myself in a contradictory space. I learnt the art of patience, of trust and most importantly about myself.

Twenty-one years later, I stand in the doorway of our Rest & Digest Wellness Haven, overlooking the beautiful lush garden. Surreal and Reality stand next to me. Surreal, because to dream a dream and realise that it is real, feels like the dream itself. Meeting my dream face to face is like meeting a lover for the first time. What does the journey hold for us? What I do know is that I will be doing what I love. It allows me to be the best that I can be so that I may give of the best of what I have come to learn of life. My journey now has my partner and husband to be, walking beside me. This was not part of my original dream. Be prepared for the unexpected. That is where the beauty lies.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

To dream a dream up, must make you heart sing to the highest of highs. Your heart softens, your eyes light up and you get those beautiful big butterflies in your tummy. We may dream up many dreams that never get realized. The importance is to dream so that one day, with the right conditions, they may be given their earthly status. If anyone had told me it would take me twenty-one years to realise my dream, I may never have kept dreaming. Birthing a dream is what grows us. Instant gratification keeps us from the depth, pain and beauty that become the foundation of who we grow into.

Some dream-pointers I learnt along the way.

First Lesson: Do not expect instantaneous results. You will get disheartened. It will threaten your belief in yourself. You will lose your motivation. Do trust that every positive endeavor you make will take you to the next place, the next person or the unexpected.
Second Lesson: Never underestimate the power of patience when it comes to setting and working towards a goal or your dream. You will learn levels of patience you never imagined you had.
Third Lesson: Don’t get distracted by others and their interpretation of what they think is your path. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. Only share your dream with another that can hold your dream sacred. If that person is not there, your dream is safe in your heart.
Fourth Lesson: Interpreting your apparent failure as a complete destruction on your dream. We are so good at lambasting ourselves that we miss the gem that was trying to reveal itself.
Fifth Lesson: Whilst we are implementing the dream, we can get caught up in all the details which are nevertheless important. Take time to keep the essence of the dream alive. Why did you dream your dream in the first place? What motivated you? What do you want to achieve? Keep the heart of your dream alive, for it is what wants to be birthed.

In your dream – You can – You deserve – You owe it to yourself and the world deserves the birth of your brilliance.

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